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Keep Your Website Secure

How To Keep Your Website Secure

What Does It Mean To Keep A Website Secure? It is no secret that thousands of websites get hacked on a daily basis. Just yesterday I heard of a leaked government database in an undisclosed country where millions of people’s personal information was stolen including names, personal identification numbers, addresses, and God knows what else! Even though hackers are able […]


How To Rank Higher On Google PageRank?

Before I can talk about how to rank higher in Google searches and what PageRank is,  you need to learn a little bit about how Google works. When you sit on your computer and search for something on Google, you are instantaneously presented with millions of results based on your search words. But how does Google know what […]

get more traffic - social network

Get More Traffic For Your Blog

Every website or blog has one main goal – get more traffic. Even if you have amazing content, you can’t just sit down and wait for the traffic to come automatically. Have you ever wondered why Coca-Cola keeps advertising itself, even though we all know how popular it is? It is because people still need to be […]


What SEO Means And How Does It Work?

What Is SEO? SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization,  is a technique that is used to get organic traffic from search engines such as Google or Bing.   What Is The Purpose Of SEO? Website owners do search engine optimisation because it allows their content to be found easily by search engines. Getting recognized by search engines leads to more page views, […]